Does 2013 mark a rowdier Rally?

The state Highway Patrol distributes a handy fact sheet daily summarizing the arrests, vehicle and cash seizures, accidents and fatalities from the Sturgis Rally. Through 6 a.m. today (Tuesday), DUI arrests were on the same pace as last year (113 and 112). But misdemeanor drug arrests were up considerably (90 and 61), and felony drug arrests were about the same (12 and 10). Total citations are up a lot (639 and 443) and warnings are up too (1,814 and 1,621). Cash seized and vehicles seized are both in the same ballpark as a year ago. Non-injury accidents are down (9 and 20) but injury accidents are up (31 and 24). Fatal accidents stand at four this year, with four people dead. Last year at the similar point in the rally there were three fatal accidents and three dead. We’ll check the numbers in a few days to see how safely Rally Week is progressing.

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