Nothing mysterious about LaRouche and Glass-Steagall

There seems to be some confusion among some observers regarding a possible link between Lyndon LaRouche followers, some South Dakota legislators and a letter calling for restoration of the old Glass-Steagall federal banking regulations. There is a clear connection. In fact, the Legislature considered a resolution last winter on the topic. Eighteen senators from both major parties, led by Republican Tim Begalka of Clear Lake, put their names on the resolution, as did 51 House members from both parties. There are big names on the sheet, including many of the parties’ leaders in each chamber. The goal of SCR 6 was to urge separation of banking activities, so that investments would be apart again from commercial functions. The Senate voted, after some strong debate, to approve the resolution 19-16, as LaRouche activists watched from the gallery and passed out literature. The House agreed on a vote of 67-2 (the nays came from Republican Tim Rounds of Pierre and Democrat Susan Wismer of Britton). To see the legislative record and the resolution, go to this link:

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  1. jeannie

    Bob Mercer was of course right in writing that ” There is No Mystery About LaRouche and Glass Steagall”. The LaRouche movement has a record of active organizing in SD for twenty years. It is absolutely no secret that LaRouchePAC is organizing for Glass-Steagall everywhere in the nation.In fact, California just became the 25th state to introduce a Glass-Steagall resolution in the legislature.SD was the first state to pass a Glass-Steagall resolution in February.

    LaRouche’s support for Glass-Steagall is written into California Concurrent Resolution 73,which cites the bills in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate ,and is followed by a whereas clause which identifies the support from “diverse” groups and individuals, citing among others the AFL-CIO, AFT and IAM; Thomas Hoenig, David Stockman; economists Luigi Zingales and Lyndon LaRouche; Robert Reich; and various state legislatures.”

    There is no mystery to it. If anybody wants to figure out the link between LaRouche and Glass-Steagall they need only go to the Glass-Steagall page on the organization’s website.

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