Democrats re-define miserable

Please, please, please… one of these months, my Democratic friends, give me a reason to not deplore the party’s weak performance in registering South Dakota voters. The latest numbers from the state elections office show Republicans gained 1,407 registered voters in September and as of Oct. 1 stand at 239,205, while Democrats gained 750 for a total of 187,063. Worse, from a Democratic perspective, indepenendents gained 1,216 for a total of 90,854. That appears to be a record high for independents. Since one year ago, Republicans are up about 2,000 overall and Democrats are down about 2,000 while independents are up by about 2,800. Time to trot out the Bob Dylan line once again: “There’s something happenin’ here but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones…” (Cue Al Kooper on the organ.)

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