Larch, faux evergreen

November 2nd, 2010

2009 Larch

Though larch or larix laricina appear to be evergreen, they aren’t. Never mistake the yellowing and loss of needles in late autumn as the death of this specimen. Sure enough, come spring, new tufts of kitten-soft needles will spring forth, ringing the wispy branches.

I planted mine last year and it seem to have doubled in size – then again so has my 4-year-old son Quade. But the 2009 picture (kicking myself for not having one after planting) doesn’t lie, the tree grew leaps and bounds. I paid minimum attention to it this year, don’t think I even watered it but the mild summer helped with that. Nothing like giving a new tree a year of mild weather to help it along. Now its needles have turned yellow but haven’t shed yet. Can’t wait to see how well it does next year.

2010 Larch in autumn

Of course you can see my posts are becoming more sparse – the inevitable for gardening at this time of year. But I’ll chime in here and there throughout fall and winter. I’ve got a few projects I’d like to do – windowsill herbs, forced bulbs, a terrarium and perhaps some posts on houseplants.

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