October 7th, 2010

I threw a smaller pie pumpkin in the oven today to cook up some quick baby food and lunch for myself and the youngest two kiddos. 350F for 40 minutes cooked it through, the size was about 1/2 a basketball or 2 softballs (see picture).

This was a typical pie pumpkin,  small in size, big sweet flavor (I’m trying to find the name but all the seeds I’d ordered don’t match this so it could very well be a volunteer). The flesh of this one is a bit stringier than the Rouge Vif d’Etampes which is pretty smooth. The soft-orange colored rind is a bit textured but the shape is perfect pumpkin – they could double as small jack-o-lanterns but I wouldn’t want to waste the flesh. The seeds look perfect for roasting, I rinsed them and set them aside in a colander to dry – that’ll be a project for later.

After cooking up the pie pumpkin I tried mashing it with a bit of milk and rice cereal for the babe but it just didn’t break down enough. She’s just starting foods so it needed to be smooth. I threw it in the blender and realized the amount I had didn’t even come over the blades, so I added just enough to blend thinking I’d have some extra. Not so – the babe ate the whole thing and cried when it was gone. That is one wail of a recommendation!

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