Hark I found a Larch!

May 21st, 2009

larch5-2009American Larch, Larix laricina, is an elusive find  around these parts. The ones I’ve found have come with 3-digit price tags. So can I just profess my love for Menards: I was wondering around the garden center area while the kiddos played in the very awesome play yard and a meanered through the trees and there were several cute, soft-needled specimens of larch. So I gulped and twisted the yellow price tag into view and it read $19.99. OMG!

Larch are unique as they look like an evergreen but they loose their needles after turning a golden color in the fall. So, if you try one don’t think it has died this fall when all of the needles fall off. Another awesome thing is that their needles are soft, so, for the look of an evergreen without the ouch – larch is an awesome choice. There aren’t many around here so this will still be an experiment – one I’m very excited to take on!

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