Heuchera, coral bells / foam flowers

June 29th, 2009

heuchera-georgiapeachcoralbellHeuchera, Heucherall and tiarella are sisters. They are all but indistinguishable and care is same.

The myriad of colors the foliage for these plants, commonly referred to as coral bells or foam flowers, means they give great interest all season long. The first blooms have started – long spikes arch up over the palm-shaped low cluster of leaves and finish in dainty white, pink or blood red flowers.

There’s been great interest in the new designs coming out. I’ve heard some being named: ‘Peach Melba’ ‘Georgia Peach’ ‘Lim Ricky’ and ‘Black Beauty.’ Most every name refers to the color of leaves, less thought is put on the flowers when the base foliage is such a standout. From black, to chartreuse with red, to modeled peach – there’s one that’s sure to be a highlight for your garden. They don’t like wet feet in cold climates. The lighter the color of leaves the more need for afternoon sun protection. Most do well in part shade – the darker varieties in part sun. They are a lovely, clump-forming non-invasive perennial for our Zone 4.

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  1. sis says:

    These are my favorites and look great mixed in with greens/blues/whites of hostas and Annabelle hydrangeas in the shade garden.

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