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Crunch, munch and collect Friday, June 18th, 2010

Cerelia's spring veggies garden

So far my daughter’s garden has been getting the most action – harvest wise that is. The second wave of spinach is hopping up, the lettuce are starting to form heads – I keep thinning as they grow. The rainbow swisschard are starting to reach up to the sun and most recently the peas are popping. The carrots are steadily growing and will have the longest existence in the bed except for the errant Trollius we planted in it last year, when it only held flowers. We’d forgotten about it but my daughter found it early in the spring, dug it up and replanted it in nearly the same spot. The happy golden-yellow flower makes me smile every time.

We’ve made salad, dressed sandwiches with the leaf lettuce and spinach, sauteed some swisschard with olive oil and salt and the latest was a tuna casserole amended with chard and peas, which really put a freshness and crunch to a usually mushy, but comforting classic.

Another thing I’m looking to do this year to keep expenses down is to harvest some of my own seed (pea/bean/etc.). I’ve clipped a few articles on it so I’ll have to dig those out soon. In most cases you let the seeds ripen and start to dry on the plant, then cut off the seed head and lay it on newspaper or paper towel to let them dry more thoroughly. Next loosen the seed or pop open the pea/bean and store in envelopes in a cool dry place or in your fridge.

I’m so glad for the regular rains still but I need to NEED TO get some weeding done. I broke down the other night and weeded one bed in the dark – I only lost one little swisschard plant and a whole lot of crab grass.

Anticipation Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

During a brief time of it not raining, my son and I got some herb seeds planted in a pot. I’ll probably plant more directly into the garden but it’s fun to do with the kidlet when we are both stir-crazy from the wind and rain. Basil, Purple Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemay and Luffa. Yup, Luffa – it’s a gourd that can be picked and eaten when young, but if you leave it on the plant to mature it looks like a bath luffa and can be used as such. I’ve never tried this before but I’ve wanted to so I decided this is the year.

There are also some random boards laying out in my untilled garden. Happy Mother’s Day to me. The Hub and kiddos got some supplies for raised beds. I’m pretty excited but it will be a lot to get accomplished even if I push the date to June 1. This coming weekend marks the last average frost date and is also supposed to show a weather turn-around – from 40s to 70s and 80s next week. So I’ll be more than eager to get my garden planted before the skeeters come and my maternity leave is up.