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Lovely lilacs Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

As stated in an earlier post, lilacs are hitting bloom time a little earlier this year. I still have strong daffodils and the lilacs are opening their sweet buds.

Last night, while watching Garden Line, a caller had asked how to get lilacs to stay fresh in a vase. Well, the panel looked at each other and little suggestion was given. Like with most flowers, cutting them in the morning (Dr. John Ball’s suggestion) and plunging them immediately into water will help.

Lilacs have woody stems. Mashing the ends allows for more water absorption.

I’ll elaborate: lilacs have deciduous, woody stems, unlike other cutting flowers like daffodils, daisies and zinnias for example. Woody-stemmed flowers benefit from having their ends mashed. This allows more surface area to take up more water – a key in keeping any cut flower fresh.

Other cutting flower pointers:

  • Save those packets of vase water fertilizers that come when you get a purchased bouquet and use a little of that in the water.
  • Overnight your vased flowers in the fridge and bring them out again in the morning.
  • Change the water daily with fresh, cold water.
  • Cut the flowers from their plants, then recut them under running water before plunging them immediately into a water-filled vase.
  • Recut the stems every couple days as they will heal over hampering water absorption.
  • A tiny amount of bleach can keep your vase water clear.