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Ahead of myself Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Agave parryi, zone 4, well-drained soil, most cold-hardy agave

I just stopped at High Country Gardens as I’ve been drooling over their catalog for a week straight. They have a focus on xeriscaping, native plants, and their descriptions are some of the best as far as what conditions each plant can thrive in, and what ones they can’t. Last year I ordered a zone 4 agave and a sugarbowl clematis. Unfortunately I planted the clematis in a less than optimum spot and tried too-late to transplant it somewhere better. The agave started in an elevated berm surrounded by spreading sedums and I decided to move it as well to a place where it would get better insulation from winter exposure. Crossing my fingers on that last one. I wanted it insulated but now, under 4′ of snow, will the spring thaw and wet be to its detriment? I learn best by trial and error – though it’s not easy from a money standpoint.

So, at HCG I loaded up my online cart with everything I could want (at least being that I’m in Zone 4 – my queendom for Zone 5?) and scrolled down hoping for major sticker shock to turn me away. Under $100 means plenty of room for justification, right? So, I push harder to talk myself out of hitting the ‘checkout’ button:

  • Go back to these archives to stick to my focus for the year: Here and here
  • Remind myself that I have a third child on the way who will inevitably take more time and money than I ever think she/he will
  • I love walking aimlessly around our area nurseries in May and June and usually find something there to try – yeah for supporting local businesses
  • I already have an intensive seed regiment planned
  • Remember that my garden was ridiculously out of control and haphazard 1/2 through last season so there is lots of work to do with what I already have
  • Do I actually have specific, ideal spots for these plants or will they fall the way of the clematis I shoved in the ground without enough thought? Truthfully, NO
  • Oh, and  credit cards don’t pay themselves off.

Whew, I think I finally convinced myself to sit on my hands for now.