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Carnivorrrrre Monday, June 7th, 2010

A couple weeks ago, my son barely mentioned wanting to get a Venus Fly Trap and, boom! there I was online trying to find a way to bring that to him. Any reason to encourage a love of plants even if I have to go the way of the flesh-eating variety.

The kit was a little smashed up but the plants seem fresh enough to have sustained the trip. It came with:

  • clear bowl with plastic, ventilated lid
  • dirt (actually peat moss)
  • 3 plants: fly trap, pitcher plant, sundew

It was very easy to assemble. I picked this one because it came with live plants and not seeds and it’s own terrarium. These plants come from bogs which are hard to replicate in one’s house without a terrarium to help control humidity and soil moisture. To top it off I used some decorative (white and natural) aquarium rocks to cover the peat. I’ve set it by an east window in our bathroom (naturally humid).

Ok, so I might be a little more excited than my son but we haven’t fed the ‘traps’ yet. I was telling my mom about it and she said you can also feed them a tiny tiny bit of raw hamburger if bugs end up in short supply.