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Iris Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Iris are a lovely flower that blooms anywhere from mid-spring to early summer. The first usually being the short german iris – great for planting with later-blooming daffodils. Then come the taller, spiky-leaved siberian iris with their smaller, but striking blooms in blues, purples and blacks. Right now the bearded iris, in their rainbow of colors are sprouting huge, frilly blooms. Right now I have yellow ones shining forth. Burgundy, black and blue, lavendar are sure to follow.


Iris are super easy to care for:

  • Bury shallow, corms so sprout area is above ground and the top of the corm is even with the surface.
  • lean soil, clay or sandy
  • Divide – when blooms becoming fewer. Break off separate corms and share with friends or spread out to other area of garden
  • Sun, to part sun
  • There are some that do well on the edge of water and can usually be found in the water garden/plants area of nurseries.
  • Some may literally grow themselve out of the ground.
  • Spikey, grassy foliage is striking throughout growing season so keep that in mind when inter-planting.